Air Pressure Differential Switches

P A C K A G I N G -- Items on this page are ALL Cartoned.


All Non Adjustable units are PRESET AT .05" W.C. Adjustable units can be set as high as 12" W.C. All have SPDT switches to make on either rise or fall or static pressure. Switches have either quick connect for .250" (QC) or screw terminals. Some electrical connections are enclosed in a conduit box. Connections to air stream are either slip (for 1/4" plastic tubing with matching probe) or nut and ferrule (for 1/4" metal tubing.)

All switches are rated 300VA pilot duty or 10A Non Inductive to 277V. The diaphragm of all units must be mounted in a vertical plane. Units are individually cartoned. Units with slip fittings have probe and 12" of plastic tubing included.

Model Number Description

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AFS-222 Adjustable, nut and ferrules, conduit box

DFS-221 (RH-1505-DO)

Non Adjustable with slip tubing and probe

DFS-448 (RH-1505-DOB)

Same as DFS 221, but flush mount with slip tubing and probe,   NO NEGATIVE CONNECTION

Pitot Tube (#1729) 4" Air flow probe with mounting flange


Heavy U.L. Listed plastic tubing for slip-fit Air Switches - price per foot


pitot tube