The installation started Friday @ 3:30 pm on Friday night, verify readings on Saturday, Test the unit on Sunday. All systems functioned great. Now the whole heating system, chilled water coil, and chilled water control valves have to be commissioned and accepted by Ortho Diagnostics.

We are contacting our customer for payment today of the materials!
The panel operated great!!! thank you for all the attention to detail.


To: Bel Thermal Units, Inc.
Subject: Great Job
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008

The heater craftsmanship on the SCR unit and the other units is
exceptional as it always is. Have a great time in Texas.



I just visited Florida this week, working with our new rep.  I'm going back the week of February 2.  When I talked about electric heat with people, they were pleased to hear Bel Thermal was our source.  I think we are going to start moving a lot more product in Florida, and that means a lot more electric heat. 


We just received our first shipment of Bel Heaters. Your heaters are a far better product than what we have been using for the last 20 years. Do you have any plant tours with a seminar I could attend.

George, Columbus Ohio

I’d like to thank you for sending me those fusible links. It’s nice to deal with a company these days that’s more interested in helping out the customer than minimum quantities and shipping rates.

Howard, Middletown, NJ.

Where can BTU Heaters be found?

BTU has built heaters for many prestigious locations including:

Walt Disney World
Universal Studios

Lockheed Martin
Patrick Air Force Base
NASA – Kennedy Space Center

The Chicago Bears’ Soldier Field
The New England Patriot Museum and Pro Shop
The Comanche Nation Family Center
The Minnesota Twins Stadium

Harvard University Library
Tufts University
Georgetown University
Emerson College

University of Florida Housing

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Millennium Bostonian Hotel
Hyatt Hotel
Westin Hotel
San Antonio Convention Center

As Well As Numerous:

Wal Mart Super Centers
Coast Guard Cutters
Jails and Detention Centers